Pens to Pictures strives to create platforms for the voices and stories of incarcerated women to be heard. Our specific goals are to:

  • Empower incarcerated women to tell their own stories.
  • Teach incarcerated women new skill sets that will help in future career opportunities upon reentry.
  • Expand societal consciousness around incarcerated populations and the systemic oppressions that can contribute to their incarceration.
  • Expand the advocacy work around mass incarceration to more intentionally include women and girls.
  • Provide local area student artists and community professionals the opportunity to further cultivate their craft and connect it to social justice advocacy.
  • Collaborate with organizations and individuals on their advocacy work to end mass incarceration.
It would be great if people see the humanity
in us and know that everyone has a story.
— Jamie, writer/director in Pens to Pictures